We Are Odin Mortgage 

A leading Australian mortgage service provider for Australian expats and foreign nationals worldwide.

About Woden Advisers

At Odin Mortgage we want to solve the biggest problems in non-resident Australian mortgages:

  • Rampant misinformation

  • Substandard loan recommendations

  • Notoriously low approval ratings

Australian expats need to know which lenders will accept their foreign income, how it's assessed, and whether they're eligible given their circumstance.


Foreign nationals need to identify the numerous lending restrictions and determine what taxes or surcharges are applicable.


And both will need to know how much they can borrow, the optimal loan structure, and what are the best options available.

When purchasing a home or refinancing, we need complete but straightforward information to make the right decisions.


Odin Mortgage provides you with the most practical and reliable mortgage insights in the industry, and we aim to make this information available to as many people as possible around the globe.