Extra repayment calculator

Extra Repayment Calculator

When will your home loan be cleared? Once you have paid your 25-year home loan duration?

After paying the required principal and interest repayments over the home loan period, you will still have a considerable balance to pay.

Use our extra repayment calculator and see how paying extra money each month can positively impact your home loan! You will shave years off the loan term so you pay off the home loan at a faster rate! Plus, a short home loan term means you pay less interest!

Enter your loan amount and loan term into our extra repayment calculator, along with your interest rate. Then, choose how much extra you would like to pay each month.

Our extra repayment calculator will show you how much interest and time you will save by paying those extra instalments across the full loan term.

Motivate yourself to clear your home loan sooner with our extra repayments calculator!

Take the first step towards the right home loan.​​

Apply online to get expert recommendations with real interest rates and repayments.

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