Interest Only Mortgage Calculator

Interest Only Mortgage Calculator

Find out how much you can save from an interest only mortgage! Use the calculator to discover the realised benefits of solely paying an interest repayment and not a principal repayment.

Enter the amount you wish to borrow, along with loan terms and interest rate. Our calculator will tell you the amount you need to pay for a set period on an interest only deal. Whilst zero money will reduce the loan balance, you save money each month in the short term.

Calculating your interest only mortgage repayments using the calculator helps you to plan your next move. 

Will you use the money saved on your home loan repayments to invest in another property? A serious investor will pursue negative gearing in this way to also make reductions in your tax bill!

Adjust the interest only mortgage calculator to different settings, assessing the benefits that varied loan terms and interest rates will make to your bank balance.

Take the first step towards the right home loan.​​

Apply online to get expert recommendations with real interest rates and repayments.

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