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Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Have you thought about reverse mortgages? A reverse mortgage is a perfect way to access cash later on in life. Use the equity locked up in your home and live life to the full!

Providing you have reached 65 years old and own your own home with a good portion of equity, you could be eligible. 

You can access a lump sum cash payment that the lender will retrieve when your home is sold, or when you pass away. You have zero repayments to worry about, although interest is compounded. 

Alternatively, access monthly cash amounts from your equity to help enhance your day-to-day living experiences. You could even choose a combination of a lump sum and monthly instalments!

Find out how much you could access in a reverse mortgage and use our reverse mortgage calculator now! Simply enter your age and the property value of your home, choosing the reverse mortgage terms you desire!

Use our reverse mortgage calculator today and explore the benefits of equity release in your home!

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