Split loan calculator

Split Loan Calculator

Have you considered a split home loan for your property purchase? Enjoy the stability of a fixed interest rate loan and the lower rates of a variable rate loan combined in one loan product!

A split home loan will assign a portion of the loan to a fixed interest rate. You know how much you need to pay for this portion each month.

The remaining portion of the home loan will fall under a variable interest rate. You can enjoy lower interest rates typically associated with variable interest rate loans!

Use our split loan calculator and discover the benefits of a split loan on your bank balance! Enter the total loan amount and the relevant portions assigned to a fixed rate and a variable rate.

The split loan calculator will separate your home loan repayments into a fixed monthly repayment and a variable monthly repayment. In total, you will discover your split rate loan repayment figure, which you can then contrast with standard fixed and variable deals.

Discover the advantages of choosing a split rate loan with our split loan calculator, today!

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