Best Expat Bars in Hong Kong

In the dynamic, bustling heart of Asia, Hong Kong stands tall as a city that seamlessly blends cultures and traditions from around the world. 

Amid the enticing local culinary delights and soaring skyscrapers, the city also caters to a significant Australian expat population. 

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Where to Find the Best Expat Bars in Hong Kong

One of the most prominent expressions of this cultural amalgamation is the thriving scene of Aussie expat bars in Hong Kong. Here’s a guide to the best of these bars, offering a slice of home to Australians, and a unique Aussie experience for the world at large.

The Globe

Perhaps the most renowned Aussie bar in Hong Kong, The Globe serves up a hearty slice of Australian hospitality in the heart of the city. Named after Sydney’s iconic Globe Hotel, this bar is a meeting place for expats yearning for a taste of their homeland. 

Its selection of over 20 Australian craft beers, paired with classic Aussie food, makes it a firm favourite among expats and locals alike.

McSorley's Ale House

McSorley’s Ale House is another stalwart of the Australian bar scene in Hong Kong. It combines the essence of a classic Aussie pub with the Irish tradition, giving it a unique charm. 

Serving Australian beers alongside an excellent menu of Australian and Irish favourites, McSorley’s provides a familiar yet distinctive experience. Whether it’s for a relaxed after-work drink or a boisterous weekend night, McSorley’s never disappoints.

The Australian Dairy Company

Not technically a bar, but the Australian Dairy Company deserves a special mention for its nostalgic value. Reminiscent of classic Australian milk bars, this place offers a taste of childhood for many Australian expats. 

From mouth-watering milkshakes to classic Aussie pies, it’s a delightful culinary trip down memory lane.

Morrison Café and Bar

Located in the hip Sheung Wan area, Morrison Café and Bar has gained a loyal following among Aussies for its fusion of traditional Australian cuisine and Hong Kong culinary elements. 

The bar’s wine list prominently features Australian labels, and it’s one of the few places in Hong Kong where you can enjoy the famous Aussie ‘Shrimp on the Barbie.’

Stone Nullah Tavern

The Stone Nullah Tavern is a high-end Australian-American gastropub located in the Wan Chai district. Their menu is an excellent representation of modern Australian cuisine, featuring dishes like wagyu beef burgers and lamb chops. 

The wine list is predominantly Australian, with a few American and French options thrown in for good measure.

Rooftop Bar at the Australian Club

The Rooftop Bar at the Australian Club is an exclusive haunt for Aussie expats. Offering panoramic views of Victoria Harbour, the bar has an extensive range of Australian beers and wines. 

It’s the perfect place to watch the sunset while sipping a cold Coopers Pale Ale or a glass of Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc.

The Canny Man

While The Canny Man is predominantly Scottish, it has a loyal following of Australian expats.

It offers a wide range of Australian beers and hosts Australian Football League (AFL) viewing parties. You’ll feel the Aussie spirit coursing through the crowd, especially when footy is on.

Remember, these are only a handful of the best Aussie expat bars in Hong Kong. With a vibrant, ever-growing Australian expat community, new spots are sprouting up regularly. Whether you’re an Australian longing for a taste of home, or a local eager to try something different, these Aussie bars offer an excellent blend of cultures, cuisines, and most importantly, good company.

Experiencing the Aussie expat bar scene in Hong Kong means embracing a unique cultural fusion. The blend of Australian hospitality and local Hong Kong customs results in a colourful mix that is both exciting and comforting. If you ever find yourself in this bustling Asian metropolis, make sure you take the time to explore this unique aspect of its vibrant nightlife.

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Frequently asked questions

Expats in Hong Kong often frequent bars and pubs in popular districts like Lan Kwai Fong and Wan Chai, which offer a wide range of nightlife options. Some prefer expat-oriented bars like The Globe, McSorley’s Ale House, Morrison Café and Bar, Stone Nullah Tavern, and The Canny Man. These places not only provide familiar drinks and dishes from their home countries, but also a comforting sense of community.

Hong Kong boasts an impressive array of nightlife options. Lan Kwai Fong, SoHo, and Wan Chai are among the best districts for a night out, featuring an assortment of bars, clubs, and restaurants. Lan Kwai Fong, in particular, is famous for its vibrant street parties and club scene. For a more laid-back evening, you might head to the trendy bars and restaurants in districts like Sheung Wan and Kennedy Town.

There are numerous ways to meet new people in Hong Kong. Joining social clubs, participating in community events, and attending meetups are popular methods. Networking events and expat communities also provide opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. Bars and pubs, especially those frequented by expats, such as The Globe or McSorley’s Ale House, are also great places to make new friends.

Expats in Hong Kong enjoy a variety of activities, reflecting the city’s diverse range of cultural, culinary, and outdoor attractions. They might be found hiking the city’s numerous trails, exploring the local food scene, visiting the city’s many museums and art galleries, or socialising at bars and clubs. Many also enjoy attending events hosted by their respective expat communities, such as watching Australian Football League (AFL) games at The Canny Man.

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