Best Places to Buy Investment Property in Australia From Singapore

Australia’s housing market is forecast to see continued growth in certain cities over the next few years, presenting prime opportunities for Singapore-based investors to purchase property down under. But where exactly should you buy real estate in Australia right now for optimal returns?

This comprehensive guide analyses data from the QBE 2022-2025 Housing Market Outlook report to reveal the 10 best places to buy investment property in Australia from Singapore in 2023 for rental income and capital growth.

Read on to know the best places to invest in the Australian markets poised for the strongest performance based on factors like affordability, population growth and urban renewal.

Overview of Australia's Predicted Property Market Changes

Before diving into locations, let’s overview the report’s key predictions for Australia’s housing market from 2022 to 2025:

  • The sharp rise in prices during the pandemic has ended, and the market entered a correction phase in mid-2022.
  • Rising interest rates to curb inflation are slowing demand and causing prices to fall in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Perth and Brisbane markets will outperform due to relative affordability, economic diversity and infrastructure spending.
  • Overseas migration returns will increase rental demand, especially in inner-city apartments.
  • Unit prices are forecast to hold up better than detached houses over the next 3 years.
  • There is a growing emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability in new housing.

These trends point to specific opportunities for Singaporean investors in the coming years. Let’s explore the top places to buy.

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Why Australia is a Top Choice for Singapore Property Investors

Australia offers an appealing environment for Australian expats and foreign investors in Singapore for several key reasons:

Relatively Stable Markets

Australian property markets experience less volatility compared to other major markets globally. Housing prices see lower peaks and higher troughs than countries exposed to greater political and economic risks.

High Rental Demand

Australia’s growing population and steady immigration keep rental demand high, especially in the major cities. This provides investors with more potential tenants and higher rental yields.

Strong Infrastructure Spending

The government continues to invest heavily in infrastructure like public transport networks, roads, hospitals and universities. This raises the appeal of surrounding real estate.

Lifestyle Appeal

Australia’s enviable climate, beaches and relaxed pace of living make it attractive to both residents and tourists. This broader appeal underpins property demand.

Maturing Market

Established markets like Sydney and Melbourne provide stability and a history of solid returns. Developing markets like Brisbane offer future growth potential.

The combination of stability, income and growth potential make Australian property a strong option for offshore investment. Proper research and advice are key.

10 Best Places to Buy Investment Property in Australia From Singapore

After analysing the data, we’ve identified the top 10 locations for Singaporeans to invest in Australian real estate based on market performance predictions through 2025:

1. Brisbane, QLD

  • Brisbane saw the strongest growth at 32% in 2022. Population influx from interstate migration is creating housing demand.
  • Infrastructure like the 2032 Olympics and Cross River Rail is driving development.
  • Brisbane is forecast to continue outperforming through 2025 as northern capital cities benefit.

2. Perth, WA

  • Perth is poised for a strong rebound after its post-boom slumber. The median house price grew 10% in 2021/22.
  • The mining sector, population growth and limited housing stock are providing tailwinds. 
  • The median house price is predicted to reach $670,000 by 2025.

3. Geelong, VIC

  • As a commuter town, Geelong is seeing rising demand from Melbourne migrants. Values grew 23% in 2022.
  • New developments like Armstrong Creek offer affordable investment options. Growth has years to run.

4. Wollongong, NSW

  • Wollongong grew over 20% in 2022 as remote workers sought cheaper alternatives to Sydney.
  • Apartments near the university and tourist areas generate excellent rental yields.
Adelaide beach, one of the best places to buy investment property in Australia from Singapore.

5. Adelaide, SA

  • Adelaide provides an affordable entry point to Australia’s sizzling east coast markets. Prices rose 14% in 2022.
  • New jobs in technology and manufacturing driving investment. Target high-rental suburbs.

6. Gold Coast, QLD

  • Strong demand from tourists and residents seeking its beaches, parks and nightlife.
  • New projects like the $2 billion Pacific Fair expansion are underway. Values are up over 15% in 2022.

7. Canberra, ACT

  • Population and job growth remain strong, although prices might fall short term.
  • Median house prices hit over $1 million in early 2022. However, it’s still more affordable than Sydney. 

8. Hobart, TAS

  • Once overlooked, Hobart is now one of Australia’s hottest growth markets. Values have risen up over 25% in 2022.
  • Rental yields remain robust in inner suburbs. The price correction is forecast in the short term, but long-term prospects remain good.

9. Regional NSW

  • Intrastate migration from Sydney to satellite cities like Newcastle and Wollongong escalated, bringing population growth.
  • Hybrid remote work trends will sustain this decentralisation.

10. Regional VIC

  • Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo are forecast to see population growth rivalling capital cities. 
  • Formerly overlooked regional markets like Geelong now offer new development opportunities.

Expert Tips for Purchasing Your Investment Property

Buying an investment property can be a great way to build wealth and generate passive income. But before you make a purchase, it’s important to get expert advice. Follow these professional tips when buying real estate in Australia to maximise success:

  • Use a buyer’s agent to avoid overpaying and access off-market deals. 
  • Target established properties with potential to add value through renovation . 
  • Research markets thoroughly using historical data like past growth rates and rental yields.
  • Don’t underestimate costs like agent fees for sourcing tenants and maintenance.
  • Focus on suburbs with strong tenant demand from population and job growth.
  • Take a long-term view, as capital gains build over time beyond any short-term fluctuations.

With the right guidance, Australia’s strong property markets can build your wealth for decades to come.

Start Your Australian Property Journey Today

The data shows savvy Singaporean investors can achieve strong returns by buying into Australia’s property boom in the right locations. 

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Frequently asked questions

Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide are predicted to deliver above average capital growth thanks to factors like affordability, infrastructure spending and economic diversity. 

Units are forecast to see smaller price declines over the next few years compared to detached houses. Apartments can maximise rental income potential.

Odin Mortgage can structure home loans for expats by sourcing overseas income documentation. Rates may be higher than local buyers.

Look for suburbs that can deliver 5%+ gross rental yields. Outer suburbs tend to offer higher yields while inner cities offer more capital growth over time.

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