Best Supermarkets for Expats in Singapore

You may be used to shopping at your favourite supermarket back home in Australia, but finding a similar store in your new country can be a challenge. If you’re an Aussie expat living in Singapore, you’re in luck. 

There are a number of supermarkets in the city-state that cater to expats. These supermarkets offer a wide variety of international and local brands, as well as convenient locations and competitive prices.

Best Expat Supermarkets in Singapore

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best expat supermarkets in Singapore. We’ll discuss what they offer, where they’re located, and how they compare to each other.

So whether you’re looking for your favourite Western snack or a new Asian dish to try, we’ll help you find the perfect supermarket for your needs.

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Cold Storage: Comprehensive Australian Selection

Cold Storage is the closest equivalent to an Australian supermarket in Singapore. It carries an extensive range of Australian brands like Arnott’s Tim Tams, Kraft’s Vegemite, and Bundaberg soft drinks. If you’re craving Australian beef or wines, they have a well-stocked section dedicated to these products.

Cold Storage’s locations are widespread across Singapore, with more than 50 outlets island-wide. Some of the most popular branches are located in high-traffic areas like Plaza Singapura on Orchard Road and Jelita Shopping Centre in Holland Village. Cold Storage also has an online shopping platform with a home delivery service, offering convenience, especially for busy professionals.

FairPrice Finest: Blend of Local and International

FairPrice Finest stands out for its fusion of local Singaporean and international products. This supermarket caters to the diverse culinary desires of expats by providing a selection of local produce and imported goods. The Australian aisle is always well-stocked with beef, dairy products, and an impressive range of wines from down under.

FairPrice Finest has over 20 locations in Singapore, with branches in premium locations like Bukit Timah Plaza, Marine Parade, and Junction 8. They also have a robust online shopping platform that provides home delivery and click-and-collect services.

Marketplace by Jasons: Gourmet Supermarket Experience

Marketplace by Jasons offers a more luxurious shopping experience, featuring a curated selection of gourmet items and imported goods. If you have a taste for high-quality Australian products, you can find artisan cheeses, premium wines, and gourmet snacks here.

Marketplace by Jasons has strategically placed its stores in affluent areas such as Tanglin Mall, Raffles City, and Paragon, making it accessible to many expats. Although they do not have an online shopping platform, the supermarket’s unique product offering and shopping experience make it worth a visit.

RedMart: Digital-First Supermarket

RedMart, a wholly digital platform, provides a wide selection of groceries right at your fingertips. In their Australian section, you can find familiar brands and products without leaving your home. Their easy-to-navigate app and website, competitive prices, and quick delivery make it a favourite among tech-savvy shoppers.

Giant: Budget-Friendly Choice

For expats on a budget, Giant Supermarket is a good option. While its range of Australian products may not be as extensive as other supermarkets, it offers competitive prices and regular promotions. Giant has numerous outlets in various neighbourhoods across Singapore and an online platform for home delivery or in-store pickup.

Options for online groceries in Singapore

Online grocery shopping in Singapore has become increasingly popular, offering convenience, extensive product range, and time-saving advantages. Here are some of the top choices for online grocery shopping in Singapore.


RedMart is a leading online supermarket in Singapore. They offer a broad selection of groceries, fresh produce, household essentials, and electronics. Their user-friendly platform, competitive prices, and fast delivery services make them popular among online shoppers.

FairPrice Online

FairPrice Online is the e-commerce portal of Singapore’s largest supermarket retail player, NTUC FairPrice Co-Operative. It offers a wide range of products, from fresh produce to household items. With options for home delivery or self-collection at their numerous Click & Collect locations, it provides flexibility for different customer needs.

Cold Storage Online

Cold Storage has an online platform that mirrors the diversity of its physical stores. You can find local produce, international brands, and gourmet items here. The home delivery option and regular promotions offer an excellent online shopping experience.

Giant Online

Giant Online is a great platform for budget-friendly grocery shopping. It offers regular promotions and discounts on various products. Besides the usual groceries, you can shop for household appliances, baby essentials, and more.

Amazon Fresh (previously Amazon Prime Now)

Amazon Fresh offers a mix of groceries, household items, electronics, and more. They promise a two-hour delivery window and free delivery for orders over a certain amount. This service is free for Amazon Prime members.


OpenTaste is a unique online platform that delivers fresh produce, premium meats and dairy directly from farms to your doorstep. It’s an excellent choice for those who value fresh, quality ingredients.

Sasha's Fine Foods

If you’re looking for ethically sourced and quality produce, Sasha’s Fine Foods is a good choice. This online grocery store offers a range of organic, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free products, including meat, seafood, and vegetarian options.

Remember to compare prices across platforms to get the best deals, and be aware of delivery fees that may apply. With many online grocery options, you can easily get everything you need without leaving home.

Each of these supermarkets offers unique benefits for Aussie expats. Cold Storage offers the most comprehensive selection of Australian products. FairPrice Finest provides a blend of local and international goods. Marketplace by Jasons offers a high-end shopping experience with a selection of gourmet Australian products. RedMart offers convenience with its online-first approach, and Giant is the best for those looking for budget-friendly options.

No matter your needs or preferences, there’s a supermarket in Singapore that’s right for you. Happy shopping!

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Frequently asked questions

The most popular supermarket in Singapore is NTUC FairPrice. It has over 220 outlets across the island and a market share of over 35%. NTUC FairPrice is known for its competitive prices and wide range of products.

The largest supermarket retailer in Singapore is also NTUC FairPrice. It operates several popular supermarket and convenience store chains, such as FairPrice, Cheers, and Unity. NTUC FairPrice has a strong presence in both the offline and online grocery markets.

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