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Home Loan Offset Calculator

Are you up to speed with the benefits of an offset account for your home loan? Reduce your interest payable by placing your savings in a transaction account, with the balance offsetting your home loan balance. 

The money in your offset account is still yours and can be accessed by you whenever you want. However, the offset account balance reduces your home loan balance concerning the interest you pay. You will only pay interest on the sum of the home loan balance minus the offset account balance.

If interest is accrued daily, you will pay less interest across the month even when the balance of the offset account decreases.

Use our home loan offset calculator and see the difference an offset account can make to your wallet! 

Enter the loan amount, interest rate, and loan term into the calculator, along with an offset account balance. Our calculator will tell you how much interest you will save in addition to the time saved on your home loan in the long term!

See how much cash you can save by paying less interest and check out our home loan offset calculator today!