CBA Home Loan Review for Australian Expats

CBA Home Loan Options

As an Australian expat, see what home loan products are available at CommBank.

Always know exactly how much your repayments will be with a locked-in rate for one year at CBA. Locking in your rates protects you from rising interest rates.

CommBank’s fixed-rate home loan comes with a Wealth Package that gives buyers access to interest rate discounts.

Rates start at 5.69% 1-year fixed for investment property and 5.59% 1-year fixed for owner-occupier buyers.

*Note that interest rates apply on the day you draw your loan. Not at the time of application. Thus, they are subject to change.​

CBA offers a variable-rate home loan with a range of extra features for those looking for more flexibility.

Expats can benefit from unlimited additional repayments, redraws, and an option to split the loan. The Wealth Package attachment is also available with a variable-rate home loan.

Variable interest rates at CommBank are 8.13% for investors and 7.55% for owner-occupiers. These are subject to change if you purchase with a Wealth Package.

*Note that interest rates apply on the day you draw your loan. Not at the time of application. Thus, they are subject to change.​

Buyers can access a basic loan with a variable rate for the life of the loan. Expats can buy confidently and save on establishment and monthly loan service fees.

The Wealth Package is unavailable with this type of loan, but buyers can still redraw additional repayments and split the loan.

Minimum new borrowings of $10,000 with a variable interest rate starting at 4.87%.

CBA Home Loan Review

Find out what benefits you can get at CommBank as an expat in our CBA expat mortgage review.

Pros Cons
Available to expats buying serviced apartments, company title units, and even properties in rural areas.
Australian income taxes apply to foreign income when assessing borrowing power.
Features such as a redraw facility and split loan options are available for free.
Servicing assessments for foreign income applications is more demanding.
Leading interest rates and mobile banking platform in the Australian market.
Policy-driven protocols that will require expat borrowers to meet all set criteria.
CommBank showcases the largest Australian ATM and branch network.

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Commonwealth Bank Expat Home Loan Features

As one of the leading Australian lenders, CommBank offers some of the best deals and options in Australia.

Feature Details
Deposit Size
Requires a 30% deposit from expats.
Waived Fees
When taking out an Extra Home Loan, buyers don’t need to pay establishment fees or monthly service fees.
Repayment Options
Lets customers increase their repayments to reduce interest and pay off their home loans sooner.
Package Benefits
Borrowers can benefit from a Wealth Package that allows access to discounted interest rates.
Interest Rates (Investment)
Rates will change if you invest in Australian property. CommBank offers a basic variable rate of 4.82% and fixed rates of 1-year 5.69% and 5-year 6.74%.
Expat Information
Expats can borrow 70% of the property value to purchase a house overseas. Interest rates and other fees are the same as regular home loans on offer to those living in Australia.

Facts About CBA Expat Mortgage

CommBank uses Australian tax income rates to foreign income while processing home loans.

Buyers can link credit cards and savings accounts to their home loans.

CommBank packages allow customers to save on products and access discounts on fees.

How Do I Apply?

CBA home loan eligibility does not require buyers to have previous products with them. However, you must meet the eligibility criteria and have the required documents ready.

Who is Eligible?

  • Australian citizens living nationally or abroad
  • Over the age of 18

What Documents Do I Require?

You will need to provide CommBank with the following documents:

Form of Identification​

Passport, driver's licence, birth certificate, etc.

Statement of Income

Bank account statements showing three months of salary income.

Financial Position

Assets like shares and vehicles, such as credit card limits and living expenses.

Property Details

Mortgage and rental income statements.

Are you applying for a home loan at CBA? Feel free to speak with one of our professionals brokers today to find the best option.

What are the Types of CBA Expat Mortgage?

Along with standard variable and fixed rate home loans, CBA bank offers the following services.

Viridian Line of Credit

The Viridian Line of Credit ensures borrowers have credit available, with interest charged only on the actual amount used. It’s a loan that only charges you to draw on the amount you use.

The borrower must pay an upfront establishment fee of $600 and a monthly loan service fee of $12 unless they have a Wealth Package.

CommBank Green Loan

Borrowers with an eligible CommBank home loan or investment loan can use the CommBank Green Loan to buy and install eligible clean energy products on their property.

They must repay the loan over ten years, with the minimum loan amount being $5,000 and a maximum of $20,000.

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FAQs About Commonwealth Bank Home Loans

CBA offers different features on their home loan, including offset accounts, redraw facility, and waived fees. For example, with a Wealth Package attachment, buyers can access discounted interest rates. Wealth Packages can be attached to both fixed and variable-rate home loans.

Yes. Australians living abroad can secure a home loan with CBA. As an Australian expat, you can borrow up to 70% of the property value at CommBank. If you’re a buyer living overseas, you can still benefit from the same home loans available to those living in Australia.

CBA offers a range of different interest rates for vicarious products. With fixed-rate home loans, you can access a 1-year fixed with an interest rate of 5.59 %. The variable-rate interest rate at CBA is 4.87 %.

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