La Trobe Financial Home Loans Review

La Trobe Home Loan Options

La Trobe Financial provides alternative home loan solutions tailored to borrowers not well served by major banks. Their products are designed for niche borrowing situations.

The La Trobe Standard Loan offers a lifeline to borrowers with substantial adverse credit history. For those with past bankruptcies, defaults, judgments, and other significant credit impairment, this loan provides a path to finance when traditional lenders will decline.

By looking beyond credit scores at the full picture, La Trobe can approve borrowers with chequered histories but stable current situations. Their experiential lending approach focuses on common sense rather than credit metrics. This loan is ideal for demonstrating you’ve moved past historical issues.

La Trobe’s Lite Doc product enables flexible qualifying for self-employed borrowers or those with irregular incomes. It reduces documentation needed for income verification when standard pay slips or tax returns don’t tell the full story.

By requiring less paperwork, La Trobe allows non-traditional borrowers to qualify based on bank statements and other supplemental documentation. Investors, business owners, contractors and other specialised applicants benefit from the streamlined Lite Doc loan process.

For SMSF trustees with personal credit challenges, La Trobe’s SMSF loan overlooks trustee credit history to facilitate borrowing. This expands options for members wanting to purchase residential or commercial property within their fund.

La Trobe understands limiting a Self Managed Super Fund’s investment capacity due to a trustee’s individual circumstances is often unwarranted. Their SMSF loan focuses on the fund’s position rather than the member’s personal credit.

La Trobe Financial has specific loan offerings tailored for overseas borrowers and Australian expatriates. This includes options to use foreign income for qualifying and simplified verification processes for non-residents or Aussies living abroad. Their expertise caters to unique expat situations.

La Trobe Home Loans Review

The following are the pros and cons of La Trobe Financial home loans that you need to consider.

Pros Cons
Low doc, bad credit, and niche loans
Borrow a maximum LVR of 80%
Construction and SMSF borrowing
Higher rates than major banks
Assessments based on common sense
Expensive risk fees
No branch access

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La Trobe Loan Features

Key features of La Trobe home loans include the following.

Feature Details
Foreign Income
Caters to expat and overseas borrowers
Commercial Securities
Allows some commercial properties
Self-Build Construction
Provides owner builder construction loans
Discharged Bankruptcy
Will lend to borrowers with past bankruptcy
Specialist Underwriting
Manual assessment not credit scoring
Expat Information
La Trobe offers dedicated lending solutions for Aussie expats living and working abroad. This includes options to use foreign income to qualify and no need for domestic job stability.

Facts About La Trobe Financial

Founded in 1952, privately owned specialist lender.

Uses LMI from Genworth but also self-insures loans.

Caters to niche borrowing segments overlooked by major banks.

How Do I Apply?

The process of getting a La Trobe home loan:

  1. Confirm your situation fits their specialty offerings.
  2. Gather required documents per their checklist.
  3. Submit an online application form.
  4. Provide documents for income and identity verification.
  5. Have desired property selected to finance.
  6. La Trobe will evaluate property and approve applications.
  7. Get a formal loan offer outlining rate, fees, and terms.
  8. Accept loan offer if satisfactory.
  9. Finalise loan documentation and settlement.
  10. Make repayments as scheduled once settled.

Get in touch if you need help navigating the La Trobe loan application process. Our expertise can guide you through specialised lending.

Who is Eligible?

La Trobe Financial specialises in borrowers who generally do not meet bank criteria, including:

  • Self-employed with limited documentation.
  • Chequered credit history or prior defaults.
  • SMSF trustees with personal credit challenges.
  • Rural/remote properties other lenders avoid.
  • Discharged bankruptcies.
  • Foreign income reliant expat/migrants.

They focus on finding solutions by assessing individually outside standard credit criteria.

What Documents Do I Require?

The key documents and information La Trobe Financial will need to assess your home loan application include the following.

Proof of Identity

This includes photo ID such as a passport or driver's licence, as well as proof of citizenship if applicable. For foreign nationals or expats, details of your current visa and proof of right to work/live in Australia.

Proof of Income

Documents verifying your income such as recent payslips, tax returns, profit and loss statements if self-employed. Information about your current employment status, contracts, job stability, and income continuity.

Proof of Assets

Bank statements showing your current assets, savings, and cash deposits that demonstrate your financial position.

Property Purchase Details

Signed purchase contract for the property you wish to finance showing price, deposit amount, and settlement date.

Credit History

Information and documents relating to your credit profile, any adverse history like defaults/bankruptcies, and repayment issues. Details of current debts and liabilities such as credit cards, other loans, personal debts that impact serviceability.

Deposit Evidence

Proof of your deposit amounts and source - savings statements, gift letters, etc.

Having an experienced broker assist you in preparing all required documents for La Trobe Financial can streamline the application process and ensure you submit a complete application. Reach out if you need guidance.

Related Products from La Trobe Financial

Construction Loans

La Trobe’s Construction Loan offering provides tailored financing for borrowers wanting to self-manage building their own home. This loan covers costs of materials, contractors, and other expenses during the construction phase. Funds are provided in stages based on project completion to ensure prudent use of financing for owner-builder projects.

Rural Loans

La Trobe Financial offers specialised Rural Loans designed for borrowers looking to purchase rural, agricultural, and remote properties that many standard lenders avoid. Their rural lending expertise of over 50 years allows La Trobe to craft loan solutions for farms, stations, and other rural holdings where access to credit may be limited.

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FAQs About La Trobe Financial Home Loans

Yes, La Trobe does provide lending for investment property purchases in addition to owner-occupied homes. Their alternative lending products can apply in either case.

The maximum LVR offered by La Trobe Financial for their home loans is 80%. So you would need at least a 20% deposit to qualify for financing.

La Trobe has an online application form and document checklist to gather everything they need to assess borrowers. Having a broker assist with the application is recommended given their specialised products.

La Trobe is open to impaired credit profiles including prior bankruptcies and defaults. Their focus is finding solutions for those declined by banks.

Yes, La Trobe provides construction loans tailored for owner-builders looking to self-build their home. This includes financing for materials and other construction costs.

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