UBank Home Loans Review for Australian Expats

UBank Home Loan Options

UBank offers the following home loan products. Please note that these may not be available for borrowers from overseas. Speak with us to discuss your best options.

These loans have an interest rate that can change at any time. This means that your monthly repayments could go up or down depending on market conditions. Variable rate home loan can be a good option if you’re comfortable with taking on some risk in exchange for the potential to save money on your interest payments.

Fixed rate home loans have an interest rate that is fixed for a set period of time, usually between one and five years. This can provide certainty over your monthly repayments, but it can also mean that you miss out on any potential interest rate reductions if rates fall.

Split rate home loans combine a fixed rate with a variable rate. This can be a good option if you want the certainty of a fixed rate for part of your loan, but you also want the flexibility of a variable rate for the rest of your loan.

UBank Home Loans Review

Here are the pros and cons of choosing UBank to buy property in Australia.

Pros Cons
Flexible repayment options
Maximum LVR is 80%
No early repayment fees
Potentially higher interest rates
Access to a wide range of banking products & services
More documentation requirements

Allow us to find you the perfect home loan.

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UBank Home Loans Features

UBank can help you get the following home loan features.

Feature Details
Unlimited Additional Repayments
Make as many extra repayments as you like on your UBank home loan at no extra cost. This can help you pay off your loan faster and save money on interest.
100% Interest Offset
Offset your UBank home loan with multiple UBank accounts, up to 100% of the loan balance. This means that the interest you earn on your savings is effectively deducted from the interest you owe on your home loan, saving you even more money.
Redraw Facility
Redraw any additional repayments you make on your UBank home loan, at any time. This gives you flexibility if you need access to extra cash in the future.
Simple Application Process
Apply for a UBank home loan online or over the phone. The application process is quick and easy, and you'll get a decision within 24 hours.

Facts About UBank

UBank is Australia's first homegrown digital bank. Although it’s a subsidiary of NAB, it operates independently.

It is regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

In 2021, NAB announced that it would be acquiring 86 400, a digital bank that was launched in 2017. The merger was completed in May 2022, and the two banks were rebranded as UBank.

How Do I Apply for an Expat Mortgage with UBank?

Here are the steps on how an Australian expat, permanent resident, or foreign investor living overseas can apply for an Australian expat home loan with UBank.

  • Check Eligibility: UBank’s expat home loans are available to Australian citizens, permanent residents, and foreign investors who meet certain eligibility criteria. Ensure you qualify before applying.
  • Get Pre-approved: Before you apply for a home loan, it’s a good idea to get pre-approved. This will give you an idea of how much you can borrow and what your interest rate will be. You can get pre-approved online or by calling UBank’s customer service team.
  • Complete the Application: Once you’ve decided to apply for a home loan, you can complete the application online or by downloading the form and mailing it in. You’ll need to provide information about your income, assets, debts, and employment.
  • Provide Supporting Documents: Along with your application, you’ll need to provide supporting documents, such as proof of identity and residency.
  • Wait for Approval: Once UBank has received your application and supporting documents, they will assess your eligibility and make a decision on your loan. This process can take a few weeks.
  • Sign the Loan Documents: If your loan is approved, you will need to sign the loan documents and return them to UBank. Once the documents are signed, your loan will be funded and you can start making payments.

We can help you secure an overseas mortgage with UBank or other lenders to help you buy property in Australia.

Who is Eligible?

Here are the eligibility criteria for a UBank home loan.

  • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident or a foreign investor with a valid Australian visa.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have a minimum annual income of AUD 50,000.
  • You must have a minimum deposit of 20% of the purchase price.
  • You must have a good credit history.
  • You must be employed full-time, part-time, or have a regular income from investments.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when applying for a home loan with UBank as an Australian expat, permanent resident, or foreign investor living overseas:

  • You may need to provide more documentation to support your application, such as proof of income and residency.
  • You may be subject to different lending criteria than borrowers who are living in Australia.
  • You may need to pay a higher interest rate on your home loan.

It is important to speak with an Australian expat home loan specialist to discuss your individual circumstances and options.

What Documents Do I Require?

Here are the documents that UBank in Australia requires for a home loan from overseas with them.

Proof of Identity

This could be a copy of your passport, driver's license, or other government-issued ID.

Proof of Residency

This could be a copy of your visa, passport, or other documentation that shows you are a resident of Australia.

Proof of Income

This could be a copy of your most recent pay stubs, tax returns, or other documentation that shows your income.

Proof of Assets

This could be a copy of your bank statements, investment statements, or other documentation that shows your assets.

Credit History Report

This could be obtained from a credit reporting agency.

Letter from Your Employer

This should state your employment status, salary, and length of employment.

It is important to note that these are just some of the documents that UBank may require. You may also be asked to provide additional documents, such as a letter from your bank or a letter from your accountant.

Other Related Products from UBank

Construction Loan

UBank offers construction loans for both owner-occupied and investment properties. These loans are designed to help you finance the construction of your new home or investment property. Construction loans typically have a higher interest rate than other types of home loans, but they can be a good option if you need to finance a large construction project.

Investment Loan

UBank offers investment loans for both residential and commercial properties. These loans are designed to help you finance the purchase of an investment property. Investment loans typically have a higher interest rate than other types of home loans, but they can be a good option if you are looking to generate rental income.

Line of Credit Home Loan

Line of credit home loans give you access to a pre-approved amount of money that you can draw on as needed. This can be a good option if you need flexibility in your repayments, or if you’re not sure how much you’ll need to borrow.

Need a Mortgage With UBank?

Investing in property while living overseas is a significant decision for Australian expats. UBank’s tailored home loan solutions can make this endeavour more manageable and financially viable. By understanding the features, benefits, eligibility criteria, and application process, you can better explore their options and embark on the journey of property ownership in Australia.

However, to avoid the majority of difficulties and hassles involved in applying for a home loan from overseas, Odin Mortgage is here to assist!

Our team of specialists have considerable experience in securing home loans for Australian expats, permanent residents, and foreign investors living overseas. Reach out to us today for tailored lender recommendations and advice for your particular situation. We can help you meet your property ownership goals in the Land Down Under!

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FAQs About UBank

Yes, UBank allows Australian expats to apply for home loans even if they are residing overseas. Their online application process makes it convenient for expats to initiate the loan application from anywhere in the world. Keep in mind that you’ll need to provide proof of identity, income, and financial stability, just like any other applicant.

As an Aussie expat applicant, you will typically need to submit a proof of identity, proof of income, proof of employment, financial statements, and your visa status. You can find more information on all this in the respective section above.

UBank generally doesn’t impose specific property type restrictions for expats. You can consider purchasing residential properties, apartments, townhouses, or even land. However, it’s important to note that the property should meet standard criteria and be eligible for financing. Additionally, it’s a good idea to check local regulations and requirements for property ownership in Australia.

The loan approval process duration can vary based on individual circumstances and the completeness of your application. Generally, UBank strives to expedite the process as much as possible. You might receive a preliminary response within a few business days, and if your application is complete and meets their criteria, you can expect a formal loan offer shortly thereafter.

Yes, UBank often allows borrowers to make additional repayments towards their home loan, which can help you pay off the loan faster and reduce the overall interest paid. This feature can be particularly beneficial if you experience an increase in income or receive unexpected funds. Be sure to confirm the terms and conditions with UBank or with your mortgage broker to understand any potential restrictions or fees associated with making additional repayments.

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