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Do Expats Qualify for a Stamp Duty Discount?

6-minute read

Did you know you will need to pay up to 6.5% of your property’s value in land transfer duty fees? This cost will reach tens of thousands of dollars for most Australians, with exact fees varying from state to state.

When Can I Refinance My Home Loan?

6-minute read

Do you want to join countless Aussies who are refinancing their home loan?

What Is an Offset Account and How Do They Work?

6-minute read

Did you know that your savings can help you to save money on your home loan repayments? You won’t have to place a larger deposit on your home loan to do this, as you can offset your savings against your home loan!

What is a Cooling Off Period?

6-minute read

Purchasing property in Australia from overseas has risks involved. What do you do if you feel like you have made a mistake after signing on the dotted line? Fortunately, Australian expats are eligible for the cooling-off period. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the cooling-off period and why you might need it.

What are the Tax Implications for Non-residents in Australia?

5-minute read

With the world slowly returning to normal and international borders relaxing, it’s worth considering the tax implications of entering or leaving Australia. Unfortunately, moving overseas isn’t as simple as booking a plane ticket. Australia’s non-resident tax system is relatively straightforward – once you know your tax residency status, that is.

Australian Tax Rules for Expats

7-minute read

Despite moving away from Australia, expats still need to consider Australian tax rules. Even if you earn no Australian income, if you’re an Australian citizen with an Australian tax file number, ATO will expect a tax return from you. Your tax obligations don’t end just because you have left the country.

A Complete Guide to Capital Gains Tax in Australia

7-minute read

We’ve all heard of capital gains tax CGT – but do you know exactly what it is, when to pay it, or how it affects expats and foreign residents? If you’re buying or selling assets in Australia, you will inevitably come across capital gains tax. Read on to find out everything you need to know about capital gains tax in Australia as we explore several case studies.

Beginner’s Guide to Rentvesting in Australia

6-minute read

As house prices rise exponentially, getting on the property ladder is more challenging than ever. This is particularly true of those wishing to live in top-rated cities. Sydney, for example, has seen the average house prices near $1.5 million.

How Much Deposit Do You Need For A House In Australia?

7-minute read

Taking part in the Great Australian Dream of home ownership begins with putting together your deposit. With home loan commitments reaching new record levels in Australia, first-time buyers are becoming more well-informed about the whole process.

COVID-19 Resources Guide

4-minute read

Learn about the mortgage assistance your bank has in place and the federal government’s early release of superannuation plan.

The Basics of the Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR) in the Australian Mortgage Sector

4-minute read

LVR may seem like a simple calculation on face value but it plays a substantial role in deciding whether your home loan gets approved.

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