Australian Expat Buyer’s Agent Spotlight: Milk Chocolate

Whether you’re new to the property market or a seasoned pro, you’ve probably come across the term ‘buyer’s agent’. 

While the concept might seem pretty self-explanatory, there’s actually a lot more to the profession and what it can do for you. Here’s what you need to know about buyer’s agents – and Australian expat buyer’s agents specifically – and how they can help you purchase property in Australia.

What is a buyer’s agent?

In short, a buyer’s agent acts as your representative during the property search and purchase process. They’ll look for properties that meet your criteria, assess whether each one is a viable purchase, and then act on your behalf during negotiation or bidding. 

They keep you up-to-date throughout your purchasing journey, providing property short-lists, recommendations and briefings along the way. And, because they’re often experts in property negotiation, they also help make sure you pay the right price.

Some of their other tasks include:

  • Understanding your lifestyle requirements and, if you’re investing, your financial goals
  • Looking for available properties via public listings
  • Giving you access to off-market properties
  • Supporting you through and helping you understand the purchasing process
  • Referring you to industry partners, like legal services
  • Inspecting properties either on your behalf or with you in attendance
  • Organising building inspections and pest reports
  • Negotiating with the seller on your behalf
  • Managing sale contracts and settlement

Buyer’s agents work with lots of different clients, from home buyers to property investors. They might help first-time home buyers get the most bang for their buck, or empty nesters looking to downsize. They may work with new property investors unsure where to put their money or long-term investors wanting to build their portfolio.

Buying a property can be an intimidating, confusing and time-consuming task for many, which is why a buyer’s agent can be so valuable. 

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What is an expat buyer’s agent?

There are lots of expats who want to secure their slice of the Australian property market, be it a place to live when they return home or an investment. While any buyer’s agent can help them find the right property, an expat buyer’s agent often has the right know-how for working with Aussies living overseas.

Australian expats are in a tricky position because they’re usually unable to inspect properties or attend auctions themselves. They’re also subject to particular tax and legal implications and have the added challenge of navigating the buying and selling process across different currencies. 

An Australian expat buyer’s agent knows how to overcome these hurdles and provide property search and purchasing services tailored to expats. These include virtual inspection packs, insights into and assistance navigating the Australian property market, and connections with other property services that work exclusively with expats, like mortgage brokers and legal firms.

Why do you need an Australian expat buyer's agent?

There are lots of advantages to using a buyer’s agent who specialises in working with expats. Some of the top reasons to engage an Australian expat buyer’s agent include:

  • An expat buyer’s agent can be your eyes and ears on the ground, attending inspections and bidding at auctions on your behalf
  • They can save you valuable time by handling the process from start to finish, only getting you involved on an as-needed basis
  • They have a thorough understanding of the Australian property market and can help you navigate it
  • They can find a property that meets your requirements, be it a new home or an investment
  • They can often secure a better price for the property
  • They can help you build your property portfolio
  • They can help you optimise your property through construction
  • They can connect you with complementary resources, like mortgage brokers and legal services

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Who is Milk Chocolate?

Milk Chocolate is an Australian company that offers a complete property service spanning planning and purchasing to construction and property management. The team have been working with Australian expats for 6+ years and knows the unique ins and outs of supporting Aussies living abroad.

Their goal is to take the hassle out of buying property by taking care of the entire process. Whether you’re after a new home in Australia or an investment, Milk Chocolate can help you find a property that ticks all your boxes and helps you reach your financial goals.

Milk Chocolate brings together a unique team of in-house experts, including expat buyer’s agents, property managers, designers, builders, economists, valuers, data scientists, and machine learning and software engineers. Their shared goal is to transform the way Australians buy, build and manage the property, informing each and every decision with a combination of human know-how and robust data.

How can Milk Chocolate help expats buy property in Australia?

Thinking about moving home? Do you want to dip your toe into investing in Australian property or already have a sizeable portfolio? Milk Chocolate works with Australian expats with varying requirements at every stage of their property journey.

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Family home purchases

If you’re looking for a new home, Milk Chocolate has a thorough process that takes you from the property search all the way to moving in. Finding a new home can be an emotionally charged and arduous exercise, so Milk Chocolate is with you every step of the way. 

You’ll also have access to an in-house team of property experts, including buyer’s agents, and their database has access to 1 billion data points to help locate and secure the dwelling of your dreams.

Investment purchases

If you’re thinking about investing or already have a few properties under your belt, Milk Chocolate leans on its unique combination of human and data-powered insight to help inform your investments. 

The team first works to understand your current financial situation and future goals. They then locate and recommend properties that deliver solid ROI – be it around capital growth or rental yield. 

If you’re looking to invest in multiple Australian properties long-term, you’ll get a bespoke property plan – known as a Game Plan – to help you reach your objectives.

Optimising through construction

Milk Chocolate also encompasses an in-house construction vertical that works closely with its team of Australian expat buyer’s agents. They often join forces to secure homes that boast all of the real estate fundamentals (good location, good block, good bones) but require a bit of a touch-up.

By undertaking a smart renovation, extension, build or subdivision, the team can either craft your ideal home or optimise your investment to boost its value.

Property and maintenance management

If you’re investing or not moving in straight away and want to rent out your home until you’re ready, Milk Chocolate can take your property (or properties) under their wing. Their in-house property management team oversees many of the traditional aspects of leasing, including marketing and advertising, tenancy matters, reporting, repairs and maintenance, and more.

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