Australian Expat Buyer’s Agent Spotlight: Propertybuyer

A buyer’s agent is a trusted professional appointed by a buyer to exclusively represent them in a real estate transaction. A buyer’s agent will ordinarily represent the buyer along the entire property acquisition journey for instance in the search, appraisal and negotiation of a property plus attend auctions on their behalf.

While potential buyers can consult with any buyer’s agent, it is important for Australian expats that they speak with an expat buyer’s agent who has experience working with expat investors.

What is an Australian expat buyer's agent?

An Australian expat buyer’s agent has a specialised set of skills which often involves sensitivity to multinational purchase and financial literacy. The process of purchasing in the Australian real estate market from an international location attracts a range of unique legislation and regulation.

It’s critical for any Australian expat investor considering the services of an Australian buyer’s agent to ensure they have a solid track record in delivering a seamless acquisition process.

Why do you need an Australian expat buyer's agent?

As an expat, the need to partner with an Australian local buyer’s agent is critical. The primary reason is that in the Australian market, the sales agents only represent the interests of the vendor. Unless the buyer engages the services of a buyer’s agent, they are executing the property journey with no professional consultation, remotely managing the research and search, formal appraisal of the property pricing and value, and most importantly the negotiation.

Another key reason why Australian expats should consider appointing a buyer’s agent is using someone with excellent local knowledge and specialisation which is a highly prized attribute in Australian real estate. Markets vary from state to state, and each suburb has highly specific pricing and transactional trends that you need to understand and interpret in order to make an informed decision.

Being aware of the local nuances from the point of view of the local sales agents relationships, inspection and auction attendances, stock on market and clearance rates is mandatory. A highly competent buyer’s agent will navigate the local market’s trends and always mitigate risks for their buyers.

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Who are Propertybuyer?

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Propertybuyer has built a unique reputation in the Australian real estate market and has deep local connections.

Propertybuyer is the most awarded Buyers Agency in Australia winning over 40 major awards in the last 22 years.  We have a team of highly experienced Buyer’s Advocates with excellent local market knowledge and hyper local expertise at scale across Australia.

Our CEO and Founder Rich Harvey has served as the President of the National Buyers Agent Association and Chairman of the Buyer’s Agent Chapter of the Real Estate Institute and as a former economist is also a Qualified Property Investment Advisor. The Propertybuyer business services Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Central Coast and Newcastle with Sydney based Propertybuyer East highly sought after for time poor HNW professionals. We also offer Commercial Buyers Advocacy, Vendor Advocacy, Property Management and a Development division.

How can Propertybuyer help Australian expats buy property in Australia?

Propertybuyer can help Australian Expats and international buyers find your ideal dream home or investment property in Australia. At Propertybuyer, we believe that Australian expat buyers should have personalised support and professional advice during the buying journey. We empower our clients with local market knowledge, access to off-market properties and exceptional negotiation skills to deliver great results.

Why choose Propertybuyer as your expat buyer's agent?

Our team of experienced Buyer’s Advocates are dedicated to providing you the best service, and we pride ourselves on our ability to buy your property at the best possible price. Our goal is to find the right property, at the right price for our client – every time. Our purpose is simple: to find you the ideal property and make the buying process less stressful and more enjoyable. We help home buyers, property investors, commercial buyers and developers attain outstanding acquisition results in any market.

The Eastern Suburbs property market in Sydney is highly competitive and fast-paced. To succeed in this market, buyers need to be well-prepared and ready to act quickly. A significant percentage of properties in the area are traded off-market, which makes it challenging for buyers to find suitable properties. Buyer’s agents have access to properties that are not advertised on the market and can act quickly to secure them. Engaging the services of a Propertybuyer agent in the eastern suburbs can help reduce stress, mitigate risks, and ensure buyers do not overpay for a property.

Importantly when buying as an Australian expat it’s all about removing the stress of having to negotiate with agents and dramatically reduce risk of overpaying. A buyer’s agent will give you an accurate evaluation of what the property is worth at any point in the property cycle, which is most relevant when the property market is going through a correction which may be an upward or downward correction.

Propertybuyer East arranges the entire property journey with our expat buyers. We handle all elements to the negotiation, we can attend and bid at auction (a very common sales process in Australia), source off-market properties and coordinate any necessary local support services such as recommendations to trusted and specialised expat finance brokers, local solicitors, pes and building inspectors, builders or architects.

Whether you are looking to buy your dream home on the sunny Gold Coast, in trendy Melbourne, in the expansive Sydney Region or rapidly transforming Brisbane, Propertybuyer has you covered.

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What do Australian expats have to say about Propertybuyer as a buyer's agent?

We cannot recommend Munro highly enough as a buyer’s agent – An absolute Life Saver!

The main challenge for us in searching for a property in Sydney was that we lived overseas and were not as familiar with the local property market. 

We chose Munro to represent us as out buyer’s agent. Immediately responded and went to view a property we were considering buying and gave us honest and direct feedback that we really appreciated. Munro supported us through the process as buyer’s agent and had access to an excellent team who provided additional support.  

Kapau – Expat  ($2.33m)

We want to give Munro a 5-star review on our recent investment property purchase for his fantastic job. 

It was a long journey of about 7 months as our budget changed a couple of times due to somewhat unclear indications from our banks. Munro responded quickly and patiently and helped reassess strategy and develop different options. We covered many areas, including the Eastern Suburbs, Pyrmont and Inner West, and looked at houses, semi-detached and apartments. With the great efforts of Munro, we believe we left no stone unturned, and it would not have been possible without him. We finally got a nicely finished semi-detached in Concord. 

Munro has a sound knowledge of the market and gave us invaluable input on all sorts of units we examined. My wife used to live in Sydney, but we could not be there in person for inspections due to logistic reasons. Whenever we identified something, he was swift in arranging inspections and coming up with sound research and insights. He has a good network around him, including building inspectors, lawyers, mortgage brokers and property managers, who are all very professional and responsive. We greatly appreciated the support and enjoyed the experience. 

We have no reservations about recommending Munro to prospective buyers looking for a top-notch buying agent in Sydney. 

Lau Family – Expat ($3.250m)

This experience with Munro was an absolute joy and we happily recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a property. Munro went above and beyond to help us find and secure the best property for us. 

Through the process Munro was very responsive to our needs and requirements; we’re glad to call him a friend. 

We were quite inexperienced navigating the Sydney real estate market, and had inspected many properties with no luck. Munro immediately went to work reaching out to his vast industry contacts and ensuring that we were aligned on what exactly we were looking for. He worked passionately and efficiently with high attention to the details of what we wanted.  

Munro walked us through the entire process, adding value and helping us make informed decisions. His wealth of experience and connections enabled us to settle at a budget we were quite happy with and thought was a fantastic bargain for its value.

Lim Family – Expat ($6.25m)

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