Webinar: Australian Property Tips for Expats & Overseas Buyers in the Middle East & Asia

On 12 October 2023, we hosted a webinar for Aussie expats living in the Middle East & Asia, where we shared some valuable insights into the Australian property climate with our experts – Ben Wong, Co-founder & Principal Mortgage Broker at Odin Mortgage, Richie Ragel, Co-founder at Milk Chocolate, and Brad Purcell, National Head of Acquisitions at Milk Chocolate.

Here’s a recap of what was discussed:

  • The implications of stable interest rates for property investments. Rates may fluctuate soon, so we’ll discuss responding to potential changes.
  • Refinancing opportunities and strategies to prepare for expensive revert rates as fixed terms end.
  • Overview of the Australian expat and overseas resident lending landscape in Q4 2023.
  • Current supply and demand shifts in the Australian property market and how to capitalise on them.
  • Migration trends and their possible impact on housing demand.
  • Best practices for buying and investing in today’s market conditions.
  • New opportunities for home buyers, investors, and existing owners.
  • Preparing your property plans for potential housing trends ahead.

Watch the recording and make confident property decisions in 2023 by staying up to date with the latest property updates in Australia.

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