Webinar: Buying Property in Australia as an Aussie Expat in the US Including the Market Trends

Are you an Aussie expat in the US seeking opportunities in Australia’s dynamic property market?

Our insightful webinar tailored for Aussie expats living in the US, delved into the Australian mortgage and lending markets, process of getting mortgage pre-approval, state-based insights on the hottest property market for purchase and more.

Our experts, Steven Lee from Odin Mortgage, Sky Hammer from Convergence Buyer’s Agents, and America Josh provided comprehensive and relevant information on topics including:  

✅ The current scenario of the lending market in Australia 

✅ Rushing buyers and pre-approval

✅ State-based insights on the hottest property market for purchase

✅ Key considerations around buying including timelines and examples

✅ Out-of-market rates and what’s best for you

Make informed decisions about your Australian property investment. Watch our full webinar replay featuring expert insights on the current market, pre-approval strategies, and more.

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Watch the Live Recording

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