Equifax Credit Score | How To Get Equifax Free Credit Report

Equifax (formerly Veda Advantage) is a credit reporting agency that holds your credit file. Your credit file contains information about your credit history, such as your payment history, how much debt you have, and the types of credit you have used.

What is an Equifax Credit Score?

In Australia, Equifax (formerly known as Veda Advantage) is one of the prominent credit reporting agencies alongside Experian and illion. These agencies gather and maintain extensive credit information on individuals and businesses to generate credit reports and credit scores.

An Equifax credit score, also referred to as Equifax Credit Score or Equifax Risk Score, is a numerical representation of an individual’s creditworthiness in Australia. It is derived from the information contained in their credit report, which includes details such as credit history, payment patterns, outstanding debts, credit utilization, and other relevant factors.

Typically, Equifax credit scores in Australia range from 0 to 1,200 or 0 to 1,000, depending on the scoring model. Higher scores indicate better creditworthiness, with a higher likelihood of obtaining credit, loans, or favorable interest rates and terms.

It’s important to recognize that while Equifax credit scores are widely utilized by lenders and financial institutions in Australia, other credit scoring models such as Experian’s credit scores may also be employed. These models may have different ranges and criteria for determining credit scores.

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What is a Good Equifax Credit Score?

A good Equifax credit score in Australia is generally considered to be in the range of 661 to 734. This means that you have a history of making your payments on time and that you have a manageable amount of debt. Lenders typically consider borrowers with good credit scores to be lower-risk borrowers, so you may be able to qualify for loans with lower interest rates.

Here is a breakdown of the different Equifax credit score ranges in Australia and what they mean:

  • Below average: 0 to 459
  • Average: 460 to 660
  • Good: 661 to 734
  • Very good: 735 to 852
  • Excellent: 853 to 1,200

It is important to note that the specific credit score ranges that are considered “good” may vary depending on the lender. However, in general, a credit score of 661 or higher is considered to be good in Australia.

How to Get Your Free Equifax Australia Credit Report

You can request a free Equifax Australia credit report once every three months. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Online: You can request your free Equifax credit report online from their website.
  • By mail: You can request your free Equifax credit report by mail by submitting a request form to Equifax.

When you request your free Equifax credit report, you will need to provide your name, date of birth, and current address. You will also need to answer a few security questions to verify your identity.

Your free Equifax credit report will include the following information:

  • Your name, date of birth, and current address
  • Your credit history, including your payment history, the amount of debt you have, and the types of credit you have used
  • Your credit score
  • Any public records that may affect your credit, such as bankruptcies or foreclosures

It is important to review your free Equifax credit report carefully to make sure that it is accurate. If you find any errors, you should dispute them with Equifax.

My Credit Score Is 550. Can I Buy A House?

It is possible to buy a house with a credit score of 550 in Australia, but it may be more difficult and you may have to pay a higher interest rate. Lenders will consider a variety of factors when assessing your application, including your credit score, your income, and your debt-to-income ratio.

If you have a credit score of 550, you may want to consider working with a mortgage broker who specializes in helping borrowers with bad credit. A mortgage broker can help you find a lender who is willing to work with you and can help you negotiate a better interest rate.

Here are some tips for improving your chances of getting approved for a mortgage with a credit score of 550:

  • Pay your bills on time: This is the most important factor in determining your credit score.
  • Keep your debt levels low: Your debt-to-credit ratio should be below 30%.
  • Lengthen your credit history: The longer your credit history, the better your credit score.
  • Avoid applying for too much credit: Too many hard inquiries can lower your credit score.

By following these tips, you can improve your credit score and increase your chances of getting approved for a mortgage.

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Frequently asked questions

Visit the Equifax Australia website to sign up to create an account, provide personal information, verify your identity, select the type of report, agree to the terms, make the payment, and receive your credit report electronically.

Equifax credit reports in Australia include personal information, credit accounts, credit inquiries, repayment history, public records, and consumer credit liability information.

Banks in Australia that have used Equifax for credit reporting include Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ANZ, NAB, Macquarie Bank, HSBC, ING, Bank of Queensland, Suncorp Bank, and Citibank.

The best credit report provider is subjective. Equifax is a leading credit reporting agency in Australia, but other agencies like Experian and Illion also offer credit reports. The choice depends on accuracy, accessibility, additional services, and personal preferences.

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