Top 12 Money Saving House Maintenance Hacks



Did you know that the real cost of home ownership includes 1% of your property’s value in annual house maintenance? So, if your home is worth $600,000, expect to pay $6,000 per year in maintaining the property.

Keeping on top of your house maintenance can help reduce this cost considerably. Complete a set of regular maintenance tasks and avoid astronomical costs in repairs and replacements!

Saving money on home maintenance is particularly important if you have recently bought a home Downunder as an Australian Expat. Relocating back to Oz comes with some significant expenses, despite your great home loan approval to buy your Australia property!

Similarly, after securing your perfect home loan in Australia as a foreign national, you need to look after your investment. Sensible maintenance makes financial sense, whatever your circumstances!

Read on to discover how you can save money and keep your home in great shape!

Top 12 Money Saving House Maintenance Hacks

Why Is House Maintenance Necessary?

House maintenance reduces costs in the long term, preventing any necessary and expensive repairs and replacements. You can avoid significant repair works by completing regular checks and maintenance to the inside and outside of your home.

However, it is important to know which maintenance checks you should complete and when. Some types of maintenance need to be completed more regularly than others. 

Other maintenance types are required at specific points in the year, coinciding with seasons and the climate of your area.

You may decide to list your home before purchasing a new home in Australia. Your home should be spotlessly clean to make a great impression on the valuer and potential home buyers! 

Although, it can become confusing to try and keep track of all jobs that need to be done and when. Keeping a home maintenance checklist will point you in the right direction to never miss a maintenance opportunity!

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What Is a Home Maintenance Checklist?

A home maintenance checklist is a list of jobs that need to be completed in your home. A checklist is a great idea, enabling you to tick off each job once it is complete! 

Not only will you ensure all maintenance tasks are met, but you will also feel a real sense of satisfaction. You will know your home is sufficiently maintained, reducing the chance of expensive repair work. 

Important jobs such as checking smoke detectors are working will also provide you with peace of mind.

Additionally, you can take pride in your home and know that you have made a great investment.

These are the maintenance tasks you should complete monthly to keep your home in great shape!

Monthly Maintenance Checklist

  • Clean your sinks and drains
  • Clean all appliances
  • Clean or replace air conditioning and heating filters
  • Clean evaporator and condenser coils
  • Use a degreasing formula and soak rangehood filters
  • Test smoke alarms 
  • Check smoke alarm batteries are working
  • Check any carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check fire extinguishers and pressure gauges
  • Check your roof for any holes or slipped shingles
  • Clean lint from the dryer and rinse the screen
  • Check refrigerator temperatures
Top 12 Money Saving House Maintenance Hacks

What Home Maintenance Should Be Done Seasonally?

Seasonal maintenance jobs are necessary to pre-empt harsh weather conditions. Seasonal checklists are also useful to complete tasks that can be done every three months.

But, what maintenance activities should you complete, and when? Here is your seasonal home maintenance checklist for Spring.

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Have you heard of a spring clean? Here are the most important maintenance tasks that you should complete every time spring comes around.

Spring Maintenance Checklist

  • Dust and clean all corners of your home!
  • De-clutter your shed and garage area
  • Service the air conditioning system
  • Fill any cracks around doors/windows to keep out insects
  • Get a bug inspection
  • Clean the barbeque!
  • Paint your exterior fence

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Once summer rolls around, do you think you will be able to put your feet up? There will still be house maintenance jobs to complete, although they won’t take much of your time!

Here is your summer maintenance checklist to keep your home in perfect condition.

Summer Maintenance Checklist

  • Flush out outside hoses and taps
  • Reseal your patio or decking
  • Cut back any overgrown bushes and trees
  • Eliminate weeds and dead plants
  • Inspect the exterior and repair any damage to the path, etc.
  • Check if anything is obstructing cables, etc.

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Autumn Maintenance Checklist

Your spring maintenance intends to repel insects and ensure your home air conditioning is working great. However, once autumn is approaching, you need to get prepared for the change in the climate.

Here are your top autumn maintenance tasks to complete.

Autumn Maintenance Checklist

  • Check your heating system
  • Flush the hot water heater
  • Check for any leaks in the roof or around windows and doors
  • Clean your fireplace
  • Get your chimney cleaned
  • Service the wood-burning heater

Winter Maintenance Checklist

Has a whirlwind of Autumnal leaves swirled around your suburb, landing in your gutters? Your winter maintenance checklist focuses on tidying the debris and preparing for wetter weather!

Here are the tasks you should complete in your winter maintenance checklist.

Winter Maintenance Checklist

  • Clean leaves from your gutters
  • Check for any cracks in your downspouts
  • Check all drainage
  • Inspect your roof and surrounding eaves
  • Inspect the inside of the home for moisture damage
  • Clean tiles grout between tiles
  • Check for leaks in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Repair caulking in the bathroom
  • Clean your shower heads
  • Clean washing machine input filters and check for any obstructions
Top 12 Money Saving House Maintenance Hacks

Why Should I Maintain My Home?

Maintaining your home can save you money and prevent large repairs from needing to be performed by professionals. 

A blocked sink that is left untreated can cause big problems for your plumbing system as a whole. It can also overflow waste into your home and require a significant clean-up!

Your home has cost a substantial amount of money and is an asset that you should be proud of. Keeping your home clean and well maintained secures your investment and ensures that you are proud of your home.

If you want to sell your home, your house should be maintained to a great standard to attract a high selling price. Home buyers prefer homes where very little maintenance is required when they first move in. 

If you are looking to move back to Australia as an Expat, you need the highest possible selling price for your current home! The Aussie property market has surged to unprecedented levels recently, with property prices higher than you remember!

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Could House Maintenance Hacks Save Me Time?

Knowing some great home maintenance hacks can save you time, effort, and money! 

Simply performing a task in a different way or using a specific cleaning product can provide you with some amazing results!

Why reach for the phone and call an expert every time a task needs completing? Save yourself hundreds, or even thousands of dollars and complete home maintenance hacks yourself!

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Top 12 Home Maintenance Hacks

Check out our innovative top 12 home maintenance hacks to make YOUR life so much easier!

1. Keep Your Bin Fresh

Do the bins in your home start to quickly smell? Particularly in hotter weather, bins can smell distinctively, and leave a poor impression on guests.

Sprinkling Borax at the base of your dry bin can absorb moisture and prevent odours! Bugs will also be deterred from entering your bin, despite the hot weather. Furthermore, Borax is non-toxic and completely safe to use.

2. Dispose of Disposal Smells

If your disposal starts to smell, run the water whilst dropping lemon peels into the disposer. Turn on the disposer for a few seconds and then turn off the water, allowing the lemon peel to settle for a few minutes. 

The citric acid from the lemon peel will work wonders on the odour!

Then run the water again and drop some ice cubes into the disposer. Turn on the disposer and the pieces of ice will remove any debris from the edges of the disposer.

Run the water at full speed for a minute to flush the system, whilst running the disposer.

3. Re-Use Dryer Sheets

Once you have used dryer sheets in your laundry, re-use them to clean your floor! Attach the dryer sheet to a sweeper and wipe any dust and hair away from your wooden or tiled floors.

This is a much quicker way to dust your floor than using a broom, and can leave your floors smelling great too!

You can also use this method to catch dust bunnies high up on the ceiling or the cornices of your home. The extending handle of the sweeper makes this task easy!

Top 12 Money Saving House Maintenance Hacks

4. Use Electric Toothbrushes as a Tool

Sometimes you need a small tool to reach nooks and crannies! Perhaps you are trying to clean corners in your home or paint a tiny area on your home’s exterior.

Toothbrushes are great for these tasks! You can re-use old toothbrushes as painting tools, and electric toothbrushes as the perfect tool to scrub and clean!

5. Clean Soap Scum

Does your shower attract soap scum that proves difficult to clean? Use a plastic putty knife and scrape the soap scum away effortlessly!

You could also try and add a waterproof layer to your shower to lessen the attraction of soap scum to your tiles. Squirting a diluted baby oil mixture can really help to create a waterproofed effect.

6. Dryer Lint Build-Up

You may regularly clean the lint from the removable screen in your dryer, but did you know that lint may still be lurking? Take a dry paintbrush or stick and cover the end with an old cloth. 

Inset into the space after removing the lint screen and wipe away excess lint hiding in the crevices!

7. Faucet Water Build Up

Do your faucets experience a build-up of hard water remnants? To remove, simply cut a lemon in half and press it into the faucet end. Cover with a plastic bag and a rubber band to secure.

Leave the lemon secured to the faucet for several hours. Once removed, use a pad to scrub away the hard water build-up.

8. Remove Permanent Marker

Make your laminate countertops look brand new by rubbing cooking oil into the stain with a paper towel. Place a paper towel over the saturated stain and leave for a few minutes.

Take the paper towel away and rub the stain once again with a paper towel drenched in cooking oil. Repeat the process until the stain has disappeared.

Clean the area with soap and water to remove remnants of the cooking oil.

9. Rejuvenate Sofas

We use our sofas every day, so smells and odours are inevitable! Remove hidden smells by sprinkling baking soda over the material and leaving for up to 30 minutes.

Stains will be eliminated, and you may discover that some stains have lessened, also! 

Take a handheld vacuum cleaner and clear away the baking soda to reveal a refreshed sofa!

10. Eliminate Crayon Marks

A family home may suffer from unsightly crayon marks displayed across the walls! Remove crayon marks using a cloth and baking soda and scrub moderately.

Using washable paint to cover your walls may be the best option for family homes, making the cleaning tasks so much easier!

11. Paint on Carpet?

Have you recently refreshed your walls with a modern coat of paint, but forgot to protect your carpets? Are you considering replacing the whole carpet?

Remove paint marks on your carpets simply with a cloth and denatured alcohol/methylated spirits. It will easily remove the pain without damaging your carpets!

However, use a cloth that is a similar colour to your carpet in case there is any colour transfer.

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12. Unblock Your Sink

Before calling out an expert to unblock your sink, try this trick first! Take a long zip tie and cut some ridges into it. Push the zip tie into the sink hole and try to pull the stoppage out of the sink. 

As long as the blockage is not too deep, this will work every time!

Top 12 Money Saving House Maintenance Hacks

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to deep clean my whole house?

Tackle each task separately when deep cleaning a whole house. 

Start with a complete decluttering of your belongings, giving to charity any clothes and toys you no longer want. Recycle any old newspapers and magazines, and dispose of any junk.

You should then dust the whole house from ceiling to floor, vacuuming as you go. Next, clean all windows and glass in your home, and clean all surface areas including sinks and toilets. 

Sweep the floor, followed by a thorough mop, and your home will be sparklingly clean!

Should any home maintenance tasks be done annually?

Your annual home maintenance checklist includes a detailed pest inspection. You should also inspect electrical cords as damage could cause a safety hazard.

Renovating your home in Australia can mean that more maintenance tasks are completed annually. Making the right choices at the outset really can pay off over time.

How often should I get my air conditioning system serviced?

Make sure you get your air conditioning system serviced two times per year, once in the spring and once in autumn. 

However, always check that outdoor air vents are clear, cleaning your air conditioner filters regularly.

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