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How to get a property loan in Australia

8-minute read

Learn everything you need to know about overseas lending from leading mortgage brokerage and authority in the non-resident mortgage industry.

A Complete Guide to Purchasing an Investment Property in Australia

4-minute read

Find out everything you need to know when purchasing an investment property in Australia, from the costs involved to tips for beginners.

The basics of the Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) in Australia

8-minute read

Begin your home buying journey by maximising your savings. Learn more from the experts to find the best loan for you.

Mortgage Witnessing While Overseas

5-minute read

Find out who can witness your Australian Mortgage Documents while overseas as a foreign resident.

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

4-minute read

Paying off your loan early can save you thousands in interest. But you’ll need to consider a few things before deciding whether it’s a smart idea.

COVID-19 Resources Guide

4-minute read

Learn about the mortgage assistance your bank has in place and the federal government’s early release of superannuation plan.

Australian Mortgage Calculator & Guide

5-minute read

Australia Mortgage Calculator (with Extra Repayment) 5-MINUTE READ Share: Our Australian mortgage calculator can…

How much can I borrow? 2-4x Your borrowing power

6-minute read

How Much Can You Borrow? (And how to 2-4x your borrowing power) 6-MINUTE READ…

Ultimate Investment Property Calculator for Non-residents

6-minute read

The Ultimate Investment Property Calculator for Australian Expats & Foreign Investors (Includes Email Analysis)…

Australian Expat Home Loans

5-minute read

Australian Home Loans: The Ultimate Guide for Aussie Expats in 2021 8-MINUTE READ Share:…

Stamp Duty in Australia: 2021 Definitive Guide

5-minute read

Stamp Duty in Australia: The Definitive 2021 Guide 7-MINUTE READ Share: For the majority…

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