Refinance to achieve your goals.

Lower your interest rate

Improve your financial position by refinancing to a lower interest rate.

Good For

  • Reducing your repayments and the amount of  interest you will pay

  • Increasing cash flow for other investments

  • Saving for life events and retirement

Take cash out of your mortgage

Leverage your property and use the equity for your financial benefit.

Good For

  • Diversifying into other investment assets

  • Repaying other higher-interest debts

  • Renovating your property to increase rental income and liveability

Calculate your repayments

Use our mortgage calculator to work out your existing repayments.

Good For

  • Creating a budget plan

  • Seeing how making extra repayments can reduce the total interest you will pay

  • Learning how different variables affect your mortgage repayment

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Use our resource centre to learn more about obtaining a mortgage overseas, like how much you can borrow, costs to be aware of, and other smart mortgage decisions.

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Australian Mortgage Calculator & Guide


Ultimate Investment Property Calculator for Non-residents


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